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Parents' Course

This mini-course teaches the fundamentals of a monitoring system and presents the standards and practices to guide recovery during the action stage of change.  Inside you'll get access to a Recovery Contract (pdf) that was created from a sober living home admission packet, as well as, tutorial and pdf guide for at-home drug testing.  The bonus modules present insights that will help you empower your loved one's recovery without enabling their addiction, as well as, strategies to help expedite the completion of their probation.

Purpose of the Drug Test Guide

The Guide to Home Drug Testing provides important information to those who have never been trained in administering a urinalysis (UA).

The Goal

To help ensure the test result of an administered UA is an accurate reflection of current conditions.

The Objectives

By the end of the guide and video tutorial you will know the following:

1. How to identify situational, behavioral, and physical "red flags."

2. The five ways an at home UA can be faked.

3. The type of test and equipment to purchase.

4. The best way to gain consent from your child to drug test them.

5. How to administer a UA correctly by following a simple checklist.

Purpose of the Recovery Contract

The Recovery Contract helps parents establish guidelines of healthy and ethical behavior for their recovering adult.

The Goal

To establish structure in the home which empowers recovery without enabling addiction (or codependency).

The Objectives

When parents use the Recovery Contract and supporting forms, their recovering adult will understand and consent to the following:

1. A parents’ obligation to protect their child’s recovery.

2. The house 'rules and agreements'.

3. Your expectations regarding any restrictions, requirements, and/or responsibilities.

4. The dollar value credited to their 'cost of living' for honoring their commitments.

5. Consequences for violations of the recovery contract, compliance sheet, and/or chore checklist.

Bonus: Inside there's an access link to my private focus group where I answer questions and offer tailored services. -Kyle Dudzinski, PhD.


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