To save lives and bring out the best in people.   

My awakening to strive for a purpose filled life was activated by the same force that lies within all humans; I’m referring to the core instinctual drive to become our best version of self.  I promise, if I can start over, reinvent myself, and thrive then so can you!  Trust me, the God that's within me is the same God that's within you!  We're on this journey together, and I'm going to be right by your side, every step of the way. 
About Me (Dr. D)
By the grace of God, I'm ten years sober from a stronghold beyond words to describe.  After going to a few drug rehabs and doing some time in jail I decided to move into a long-term community and seek recovery with a desperation of a drowning man.  I lived in that therapeutic community for three years and advanced my life with hundreds of action oriented peers.  After I graduated that long-term program, I went on to earn a masters in non-profit management while managing a sober home for four+ years.
As house manager, I developed new skills in standards and compliance, goal setting, group accountability, program design, and operational governance.  There's a saying in leadership, that in order to perform your mission you must "stand on the shoulder of giants."  I honor all those who have gone before me and acknowledge my impact too.  Developing this community is what I'm passionate about; it's the beginning of my life's work and my contribution towards society.  
I'm here to serve,
Kyle Dudzinski, PhD.
Founder of iActualize, LLC.
Creator of Program Recovery
2010 Mugshot
2020 Diploma 

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